Track uses of FIXME tags


    The PowerBuilder code rule "Track uses of FIXME tags" helps to keep track of any code that requires further attention or debugging. This rule will search through the code for any comments containing FIXME tags, and then log any instances of these tags in a log file. This log can then be used to quickly identify areas of the code that may need further attention or debugging. In addition, this rule can help developers to keep track of any tasks they need to complete, as well as any areas that may need to be refactored or improved.

Key Benefits

  • Time-saving: FIXME tags rule helps you save time by quickly identifying and tracking tasks that need to be done.
  • Efficient: FIXME tags rule enables you to quickly and efficiently track the uses of tags in your codebase.
  • Organized: FIXME tags rule helps you keep your codebase organized and up-to-date by tracking the uses of tags.
  • Accurate: FIXME tags rule helps you ensure accuracy in your codebase by providing a way to track the uses of tags.


Non-compliant Code Example

function string TestFunctionCall (string cnt)

//FIXME test comments   //Non compliant code
return cnt; 

end function
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