Unused global variables/constants should be removed


    This rule states that any global variables or constants that are not being used in the PowerBuilder code should be removed. This is important to keep the code clean and organized, and to avoid any unnecessary clutter. Unused variables and constants can also lead to potential errors or bugs in the code, so it is important to ensure that all global variables and constants are being used.

Key Benefits

  • Reduced Complexity: Removing unused global variables/constants reduces the complexity of code, making it easier to read and understand.
  • Increased Performance: Unused global variables/constants can take up unnecessary memory and slow down the performance of the application.
  • Better Code Quality: Removing unused global variables/constants helps to maintain better code quality, making it easier to maintain and debug.


Non-compliant Code Example

global type veinet from inet
end type
end forward

global type veinet from inet
end type
global veinet veinet //Non compliant code (Unused global variable)

forward prototypes
global function string callINETPOST (integer id)
global function string callINETGET (integer id)
global function string callINETHyperlinkToURL (integer id)
end prototypes

global function string callINETPOST (integer id)

Blob lblb_args
String ls_headers
String ls_url
Long ll_length
veinternetresult iir_msgbox
iir_msgbox = CREATE veinternetresult
ls_url = "https://www.visual-expert.com/"
ls_url += "EN/powerbuilder-code-pb/"
ls_url += "function-source-analysis-documentation-impact.html?"
lblb_args = blob("")
ll_length = Len(lblb_args)
ls_headers = "Content-Length: " &
   +String(ll_length) + "~n~n"
PostURL &
   (ls_url, lblb_args, ls_headers, 8080, iir_msgbox)

Return ""
end function
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