Function and Event parameters should comply with a naming convention


    This PowerBuilder code rule states that function and event parameters must follow a specific naming convention. This convention helps to ensure that the code is consistent and easier to read. The naming convention should include a prefix for each type of parameter, such as “in_” for input parameters, “out_” for output parameters, and “inout_” for parameters that are both input and output. This makes it easier to identify the purpose of each parameter when reading the code.

Key Benefits

  • Organization: Function and event parameters with a naming convention provides organization and consistency.
  • Readability: With a naming convention rule in place, code is easier to read and understand.
  • Maintainability: A naming convention rule helps ensure that code is maintainable and can be easily modified.
  • Debugging: A naming convention rule makes debugging easier by providing a consistent structure for code.


Non-compliant Code Example

private function string TestFunctionCall (string parameter_)//Non compliant code

return parameter_

end function
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