Scripts must be commented


    This rule states that all scripts written in PowerBuilder must be commented. This means that any code written in a script must include comments that explain the purpose of the code and how it works. This will help other developers understand the code and make it easier to maintain. Additionally, comments can be used to document changes made to the code and to alert other developers of potential issues. Having well-commented code can also help with debugging and troubleshooting. Following this rule will help ensure that PowerBuilder code is well organized, easily maintained, and up to date.

Key Benefits

  • Ensures Code Quality: Adding comments to code ensures that the code is readable and understandable for other developers.
  • Improves Troubleshooting: Comments help to troubleshoot code by providing context and allowing developers to follow the logic of the code.
  • Facilitates Code Reuse: Comments help developers to understand how code can be reused in different contexts, making it easier to reuse code.
  • Reduces Maintenance Time: Comments can be used to document changes to code, making it easier to maintain and update code in the future.


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