Code elements must not be unused


    This PowerBuilder code rule states that all code elements must not be unused. This means that all elements of the code, such as variables, functions, classes, and other code elements, must be used in the code in order to be considered valid. If a code element is unused, it should be removed from the code in order to make the code more efficient and reduce the risk of errors. Unused code elements can also create confusion for other developers, as they may not understand why the code element is there if it is not being used. It is important to ensure that all code elements are used appropriately in order to create clean, efficient code.

Key Benefits

  • Reduces Complexity: By ensuring code elements are not unused, the complexity of code is reduced.
  • Improves Readability: Unused code elements can make code difficult to read and understand, so removing them can improve readability.
  • Saves Time: By ensuring code elements are not unused, developers can save time by not having to go through and check for unused code elements.
  • Ensures Accuracy: By removing unused code elements, accuracy is improved as there is less chance of errors due to unnecessary code.


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