Naming conventions must be applied


    The PowerBuilder code rule "Naming conventions must be applied" states that all objects, variables, and other elements of the code must be named according to the established naming conventions. This ensures that the code is consistent and easy to read, making it easier to understand and debug. It also helps to avoid confusion between different elements of the code. The naming conventions must be clearly defined and documented, and all developers must adhere to them.

Key Benefits

  • Organization: Naming conventions provide a consistent structure for organizing data, making it easier to find and use.
  • Efficiency: Following a naming convention can save time when searching for files or code, reducing the amount of time spent looking for the right resource.
  • Clarity: Naming conventions can help make code or files easier to understand, by providing a clear indication of the purpose of the file or code.
  • Simplicity: Following a naming convention can simplify the development process, as developers don't have to spend time deciding on a name for each element.


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