PBLs should not exceed a certain size


    The rule "PBLs should not exceed a certain size" states that PowerBuilder Library (PBL) files should not be too large. This is important to ensure that the application runs efficiently and that it is not too difficult for developers to maintain. To ensure this, developers should limit the size of PBLs to a certain size, such as 2MB or 5MB, depending on the complexity of the application. This can be done by limiting the number of objects in the PBL, such as windows, user objects, and menus, and by ensuring that the code within each object is as efficient as possible. Additionally, developers should also periodically review the size of the PBLs and remove any unused objects or code.

Key Benefits

  • Improved Focus: PBLs should not exceed a certain size to ensure that students can focus on the project's objectives and not become overwhelmed.
  • Better Quality: Smaller PBLs help to ensure that projects are of higher quality, as students are more likely to complete the task in its entirety.
  • Increased Engagement: By limiting the size of PBLs, students are more likely to be engaged in the project and stay motivated to complete it.
  • More Time for Reflection: Smaller PBLs allow more time for students to reflect on their work and make any necessary adjustments.


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