The OLE web browser should not be used anymore (not secure)


    The PowerBuilder code rule states that the OLE web browser should no longer be used, as it is not secure. This is because the OLE web browser is an outdated technology that is no longer supported or updated, and thus is vulnerable to security breaches. It is recommended that developers use more secure alternatives such as HTML or JavaScript.

Key Benefits

  • Security: The OLE web browser is not secure and should not be used anymore.
  • Modern Browsers: Modern browsers offer improved security, better performance, and more features.
  • Compatibility: Newer browsers are more likely to be compatible with the latest web technologies.


Non-compliant Code Example

OLEObject IE
string ls_ie 
string ls_url

IE.ConnectToNewObject("InternetExplorer.Application") //Non compliant code

ls_ie = IE.Fullname()

ls_url = "http://wwww.visual-expert.com"
Run(ls_ie + " " + ls_url) 

Compliant Code Example

Integer li_rtn
Li_rtn = Wb_1.Navigate("http://www.visual-expert.com") // Wb_1 is the WebBrowser control //Compliant code
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