DDE functions and events are Obsoleted


    The PowerBuilder code rule "DDE functions and events are Obsoleted" states that the use of Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) functions and events should be avoided as they are no longer supported in new versions of PowerBuilder. Developers should use alternative methods for data exchange, such as OLE Automation or web services.

Key Benefits

  • Improved Performance: DDE functions and events are Obsoleted, which leads to improved performance.
  • Simplified Code: By deprecating DDE functions and events, the code is simplified and easier to maintain.
  • Reduced Complexity: By removing DDE functions and events, the complexity of the system is reduced.


Non-compliant Code Example

global function void loadDDEMethodsAndEvents ();

    long handle
    string s_regiondata[3]
    handle = OpenChannel("Excel", "REGION.XLS", &       //Non compliant code  
    GetRemote("R1C2", s_regiondata[1], handle, &          //Non compliant code  
    GetRemote("R1C3", s_regiondata[2], handle, &          //Non compliant code  
    GetRemote("R1C4", s_regiondata[3], handle, &          //Non compliant code  
    CloseChannel(handle, Handle(w_ddewin))                  //Non compliant code  
end function
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