CREATE_TIMER should not be used


    The CREATE_TIMER code rule states that the CREATE_TIMER command should not be used. This command is used to create a timer in a PL/SQL block, which is an action that can cause performance issues and should be avoided. Instead, the DBMS_SCHEDULER package should be used to create and manage timers.

Key Benefits

  • Time accuracy: CREATE_TIMER should not be used as it does not guarantee accurate time intervals between events.
  • Resource-intensive: CREATE_TIMER is resource-intensive and should be avoided when possible.
  • Maintenance: CREATE_TIMER requires ongoing maintenance and can become difficult to manage over time.


Non-compliant Code Example

DECLARE timer_id Timer;
one_minute NUMBER(5) := 10000;
timer_id := CREATE_TIMER ('customer_timer', one_minute, NO_REPEAT);  --Non compliant code
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