Track uses of NOSONAR comments


    The Pl_Sql code rule "Track uses of NOSONAR comments" is used to track the use of NOSONAR comments in a program. NOSONAR comments are used to indicate that a particular piece of code should not be analyzed by a static code analysis tool. This rule helps to ensure that code is properly analyzed and that any potential issues are identified.

Key Benefits

  • Eliminate false positives: NOSONAR comments allow you to eliminate false positives and ensure that your code is compliant with the best practices.
  • Reduce complexity: NOSONAR comments help to reduce complexity and ensure that your code is as simple and efficient as possible.
  • Improve readability: NOSONAR comments help to improve the readability of your code by making it easier to understand.
  • Increase accuracy: NOSONAR comments help to increase the accuracy of your code by ensuring that it is compliant with the best practices.


Non-compliant Code Example

SELECT *  --NOSONAR : Add specific columns which is required.  --Non compliant code
FROM Person.Address
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