Track uses of FIXME tags


    The Track uses of FIXME tags code rule tracks the use of FIXME tags in SQL Server code. FIXME tags are used to indicate that certain portions of code need to be addressed or fixed. The rule scans the code for any occurrences of the tag and reports them as potential problems. This rule helps developers to identify areas of code that need to be addressed before deployment.

Key Benefits

  • Traceability: Track uses of FIXME tags provides a way to trace the origin of a problem and its associated solution.
  • Efficiency: Track uses of FIXME tags helps to quickly identify and address issues, reducing the time and effort needed to resolve them.
  • Accuracy: Track uses of FIXME tags ensures that all issues are addressed correctly and accurately, reducing the risk of errors.
  • Visibility: Track uses of FIXME tags makes it easy to identify and review any issues that may have been overlooked.


Non-compliant Code Example

SELECT *  --FIXME : Specify the columns need to be select.   --Non compliant code
FROM Person.Address  
ORDER BY PostalCode ASC; --FIXME : No need to specify ASC because it is the default.  --Non compliant code
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