Using hardcoded IP addresses is security-sensitive


    Using hardcoded IP addresses in SQL Server code is considered to be security-sensitive because it can easily be exploited by malicious actors. This is because hardcoded IP addresses are static and can be easily identified by hackers, which makes them vulnerable to attack. Additionally, hardcoded IP addresses can be used to bypass authentication and authorization checks, allowing malicious actors to access sensitive data or gain unauthorized access to a system. To prevent this, developers should avoid using hardcoded IP addresses in their code and instead use dynamic IP addresses that change regularly. Additionally, developers should always use secure protocols and encryption when communicating with external systems.

Key Benefits

  • Increased Security: Using hardcoded IP addresses can make your system more vulnerable to malicious attacks, as attackers can easily gain access to your system if they know the IP address.
  • Reduced Maintenance: By not using hardcoded IP addresses, you can reduce the amount of time required to maintain and update your system.
  • Improved Performance: By avoiding hardcoded IP addresses, you can improve your system's performance by ensuring that all requests are routed to the correct server.


Non-compliant Code Example

DECLARE @ip4Address varchar(15);
DECLARE @ip6Address varchar(20);
SET @ip4Address = '';  --Non compliant code (Using hard coded IP address)
SET @ip6Address = '1425:123:4500:ee3d:7801:a9ed:2acb:25c7'  --Non compliant code (Using hard coded IP address)
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