Track uses of TODO tags


    The "Track uses of TODO tags" rule in SQL Server code checks for the presence of TODO tags in the code. This rule is used to identify sections of code that require additional work or need to be revisited in the future. The rule will flag any code that contains the words "TODO" or "FIXME" so that developers can easily identify sections of code that need additional attention. This rule can help ensure that code is written in a maintainable way and that any incomplete or potentially problematic code is addressed in a timely manner.

Key Benefits

  • Increased Efficiency - Automatically track the uses of TODO tags, allowing for more efficient use of time and resources.
  • Better Organization - Keep track of TODO tags to easily organize tasks and prioritize projects.
  • Improved Collaboration - Easily share and collaborate on tasks and projects with the use of TODO tags.
  • Increased Visibility - Gain visibility into tasks and projects with the use of TODO tags.


Non-compliant Code Example

SELECT *  --TODO : Add specific columns which is required.   --Non compliant code
FROM Person.Address  
ORDER BY PostalCode ASC; --TODO : Remove ASC because by default it takes as ASC.  --Non compliant code
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