Tabulation characters should not be used


    The "Tabulation characters should not be used" rule in SQL Server states that tab characters should not be used to define or separate elements in a query, such as keywords, identifiers, literals, or operators. Instead, spaces should be used as the separator. This is to ensure that the query is readable and consistent across different platforms.

Key Benefits

  • Clarity: Tabulation characters should not be used, as it can lead to confusion and misunderstanding of the code.
  • Consistency: Using a consistent set of indentation rules helps make code easier to read and understand.
  • Readability: By avoiding tab characters, code is more readable and can be better understood by both humans and machines.


Non-compliant Code Example

CREATE Procedure [DATA].sp_GetFullname
@fname nvarchar(10),
@lname nvarchar(10) 
    SELECT [DATA].[GetFullName](@fname, @lname)    --Non compliant code (Tabulation characters is used)
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