Naming conventions must be applied


    The "Naming conventions must be applied" code rule for SQL Server requires that all database objects, such as tables and columns, must be named according to a specific set of conventions. These conventions are designed to improve the readability of the code and to make it easier to identify the purpose of each object. The conventions may include the use of upper and lower case letters, underscores, and other formatting rules. Following these conventions will help ensure that the code is easier to read and maintain.

Key Benefits

  • Improved readability and organization: By applying a consistent naming convention, code can be quickly understood and organized.
  • Reduced errors: Naming conventions help to reduce errors caused by typos or incorrect naming.
  • Easier debugging: Naming conventions make it easier to debug code by quickly understanding the purpose of variables and functions.
  • Simplified maintenance: Naming conventions help to make code easier to maintain by making it easier to understand and modify.


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